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1120 Rock Club

Due to COVID-19 community health guidance
Club meetings are suspended until further notice

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Field trips Calendar with social distancing

Workshop closed due to COVID-19 Map
Located at 5928 L&A Road, Vernon

Annual Club Membership Fees:
Indiviual: $20
Family: $25 (1 or 2 adults ~ children ~ grandchildren)

Club membership includes membersip in
the British Columbia Lapidary Society and
the Gem and Mineral Federation of Canada
(insurance while involved in club, BCLS and GMFC activities)

1120 Rock Club Scholarship
One $500 scholarship is available to assist with tuition and books to a first year student
enrolled at an accredited university, college or technical school
in the province of British Columbia, for the 2016 – 2017 year.

BCLS Scholarships